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Starglass - Phoebe North There has been a space sized hole in my heart since the last page of Across The Universe by Beth Revis. Usually I’m not one for sci-fi novels but something about being trapped on a ship heading to a far away planet really captures my attention. Needless to say when I finally got my hands on North’s novel I was excited to get back aboard the ship, heading toward the next great adventure.

The thing about this novel though was that it was less about the ship and more about the people aboard the ship. For a huge chunk of the story, well most of it actually, I had no idea what the ship even looked like. Bit’s a pieces of information were given but never enough to paint a vivid picture of how the ship looked. I also didn’t know anything about the inhabitants of the ship until half way through the novel when North decided to let us in on the fact that the ship was begun by the Jewish Federation (This is totally not the real name but it was something similar). At this point I was like “Oh! That’s why all the characters keep injecting random Jewish words!” Prior to that I just thought they were fun words that people decided were in vogue in the future.

We meet Terra just prior to her graduation day. At 16 the students become adults and receive job placements from the council this is just one of the many duties and ways in which the council controls the populace. The council is basically a totalitarian regime and so I wasn’t too surprised when Terra finds out about an underground group working to overthrow the council.

I liked Terra, it took me a while to get to know her but once I did she really grew on me. Terra has been through a lot, more then anyone else on the ship has. I liked that her character was real and fallible. Terra makes mistakes and is quick to get swept up with the rebellion’s rhetoric.

The romance in Starglass is something I could not have predicted. Those of you tired of love triangles will definitely get something different with this novel! I liked that it was completely out of the norm from other stories. Terra doesn’t need a husband vindicating her choices or holding her hand. The girl makes her own decisions and while there was plenty of foreshadowing I was still happy with the direction North took with the romantic aspect of the story.

Overall, Starglass is a promising start of a new series. I look forward to the next novel and what the planet of Zahreh has in store for the people of the Asherah.