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Dirty Little Secret - Jennifer Echols Dirty Little Secret is my first Jennifer Echols book but it definitely won’t be the last! For the first few pages I was sucked in to this Nashville world of Country and Blue Grass and despite the fact that I know absolutely nothing about either of those things I was still able to enjoy the story and found each of the characters to be fun and relatable.

The story centers around Bailey, an amazing fiddle player whose sister has signed with a major recording studio and what was once a duo is now a solo act. I liked that Bailey was portrayed in such a real way. She wasn’t the perfect sister, she was jealous of Julie, her younger sister, resentful about the way her parents treated her, and rebellious. All of these traits made Bailey someone you wanted to root for so that she could have that happy ending and not have her life turn in to a country song.

Then there was Sam who is determined to make it big in the music industry but he doesn’t want to be a solo act he wants a band and Bailey is his way to that perfect band. With his singing and her fiddle playing they could be that something different the music executives are looking for. Despite Sam’s often single minded drive to make it big, I still liked the guy. Sam is just the right combination of cocky and vulnerable. The relationship that develops between him and Bailey had me exasperated at some points and then at others I just wanted them to be together so bad! I like the happy balance that Echols strikes with the romance.

Overall, Dirty Little Secret was a fun, quick read. I liked being immersed in a country world and reading about the struggles Bailey has with her sister, parents, and band. I’m now looking forward to getting my hands on more books by Echols!