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Ink - Amanda Sun It took me over a month to read this book. Every time I started to read my mind would wander and I would literally do anything else to avoid reading. I started with such high expectations and honestly the first introduction to the characters was interesting, a boy dramatically breaking up with his girlfriend, but from there everything went down hill.

Instantly Katie falls for Tomohiro the guy that was JUST doing the dramatic break up with his girlfriend, even though he shows no interest in her. She proceeds to stalk Tomohiro, follows him to the train station, follows him to his secret hide out, and then wonders why he lashes out at her. For the first 100 or so pages this was the entire storyline.

Then suddenly Tomohiro and Katie have this connection and are drawn together because of the ever mysterious ink that is making drawings move, and doing other strange stuff. I honestly wish I had known more about the ink, it could have been the most interesting thing and saved the story but I never felt like I really understood what it was capable of. The ink to me felt more like a giant: ‘Insert Paranormal Plot Device Here’ rather then having substance and making the story interesting.

Really though I could have lived with a subpar plot because I loved the setting in Japan so much. I was an exchange student in Kitakyushu so I understood a lot of what Katie was going through, being in a completely different setting and experiencing Japanese culture for the first time. Even her inability to communicate in the language seemed real to me. Unfortunately Katie herself didn’t seem real and neither did her relationship with Tomohiro. Actually it was this terrible relationship that made me avoid reading the book. The romance was just so fake, distant, and awkward that it detracted from the story.

Overall, I did not enjoy Ink. The plot line felt recycled, the paranormal element did not stand out, and the romance was terrible. The setting was my favorite part of the book but that’s just not enough to get me to pick up the sequel.