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An Endless Summer (Summer, #2) - C.J. Duggan An Endless Summer is Sean and Amy’s story. It is more of a companion novel to The Boys of Summer then a sequel and it was great to see some of my favorite characters from Boys of Summer, namely Toby and Tess, in a different context and to see that their relationship was still going strong.

Amy’s father is the owner of the Onslow, the famous hotel that gave the Onslow Boy’s their name. After Amy is sent to Boarding School in the city the Onslow falls by the wayside and so upon returning to the hotel she is greeted with a dilapidated building with no customers. It becomes Amy’s summer goal to breathe new life in to the Onslow and save it so that her parents don’t sell. It is Sean that becomes her partner and ally.

Amy was an interesting heroine to read about. She was fiercely independent at certain times and at others totally unsure of herself. Her personality swings made it hard for me to predict what she was going to do next but it also made the read interesting. The only thing I really didn’t care for about this story was the relationship Amy had with her Mom. Her Mom was constantly berating Amy and treating her like a child, nothing Amy ever did was right and it pissed me off that her Mom was constantly jumping to conclusions. I also never got the vibe that the issues between the two of them were resolved.

I liked the relationship between Sean and Amy. At times it was riddled with miscommunications and Amy missing so many obvious signs but it was sweet, and kept me rooting for the characters. I liked that despite the fact that Sean was considered a “player” he never really read like one, in fact he seemed very genuine, hardworking, and caring.

Overall, this was a fun companion novel and a great summer read! I am now eagerly awaiting the final installment in the Summer series That One Summer.