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Paris Love Match - Nigel Blackwell Paris Love Match begins immediately with action Piers Chapman is in Paris to install a new piece of software on a crane, but the Parisian’s are not ready for him to install it. To kill time he decides to explore Paris which leads him to fighting over a cab with Sidney Roux and another man who promptly ends up dead. Thus begins a journey through Paris, running from mobsters, and uncovering the mystery surrounding the dead man.

What I liked the most about Paris Love Match was that there was always something happening. There was constant running from once action sequence to another and I was never bored. Because there was so much action at times it felt a little hard to get to know the characters. Sidney and Piers were largely unknown to me for the first half of the novel. In the second half we get to know them a little later but by the end I was more intrigued by the story line and what was happening then the characters themselves.

I enjoyed the relationship that developed between Sidney and Piers. With so much going on it was natural for them to develop feelings for one another and it was interesting to watch it progress. By the end I was really rooting for a HEA and luckily I got one.

Overall, Paris Love Match was an action packed New Adult novel that I enjoyed. It truly reminded me of a James Bond or Italian Job-esque movie and read much like a screen play. I look forward to reading what Blackwell writes in the future!