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PODs - Michelle Pickett DNF

Reasons why I couldn't finish this novel

1. The world building made absolutely no sense. There is a deadly virus but the virus has no name. This is ridiculous. Our society can not stand to leave things unnamed; we name our pets, parks, buildings, and even different strains of the flu (e.g. Swine Flu, Spanish Influenza) there is no way that doctors or society at large would have been okay with leaving this unnamed, especially not when it is causing the end of the world!

2. The POD system is not explained. I wasn't sure why the POD system existed, why it was commissioned, who made it, who paid for it. It just seemed really strange that this system is underground and no one had heard about it before.

3. The selection "lottery" for the PODS was dumb. They wanted only young people who were good at science to be in the PODS. Some of the brightest minds were not college educated but rather self taught. If you have a bunch of book smart people trying to lead the future it's going to fail because they tend to not have any common sense. Just saying.

4. The main character said she was sad but never showed that she was. The entire world is falling apart and this girl is leaving behind her best friend and her parents yet I never got any shred of emotion from her. I felt so detached when I was reading.

Overall, this novel had an interesting premise but it just didn't deliver. I was unable to understand the world building or connect with the main character so I stopped reading.