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Your Guardian Angel (Guardian Angel, #1) - Skyla Madi Your Guardian Angel follows Ruby Moore after she is attacked by her step-father who has become a vampire. In Ruby’s world a vampire must drink the blood of a goddess or guardian angel in order to look more human, and those that look more human are more powerful. Ruby and her mother just happen to be goddesses. After her father kills her mother Ruby becomes a half-vampire and her entire life changes.

Ruby was a likable character she is independent and really wants what is best for those around her. I liked her dedication to her adopted Aunt and Cousin. The instant she felt that there was any danger to them she dropped everything in order to protect them.

I really like mentor/student relationships so I was already biased toward liking the romance between Eli De Luca and Ruby. Not only is there an age taboo but Guardian Angels are not supposed to mix with Goddesses and especially not vampires. There is a lot working against the attraction these two share.

Overall, Guardian Angel was a pretty good read. There were a couple problems I had with the plot, they were mostly little things; I wished the world was further fleshed out but this is the first book in a series so I expect the author will explain things further in the next book. This novel is perfect for fans of Half-Blood by Jennifer Armentrout and Halo by Alexandra Ardonetto.