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Chantress - Amy Butler Greenfield Chantress wins my favorite cover of the year award. I love the pink’s and purple’s and the girl in the cape. Not to mention the cover matches the story beautifully. The story centers around Lucy, a girl who has grown up on a deserted island and after finally breaking the rules and singing is transported to England where she is the last Chantress.

I can only think of one other novel that I have read that is set in this time frame, Grave Mercy by R.L LaFevers, it is interesting to see how different life was in ye olden England. Greenfield did a great job of making the setting feel real and incorporating actual historic events in to the storyline. I liked that she included the men of science and learning from the Invisible College and how they had to meet in secret, it felt very true to the time and made this fantastical story a little more real.

Lucy was a likable enough character she was daring and brave. I liked that she was willing to join a cause that she felt was right and put in the effort, time, and training to live up to her full potential as a Chantress.

I wasn't too keen on the romance between Lucy and Nat though. I think it was partially because of the time, being 1667, the romance was very chaste and slow building. I actually was never really sure the characters liked each other until the very end of the book. This would have been all right had there been action to take the place of the romance but there wasn’t a ton of action until the end. Most of the middle of the book was spent with Lucy training in secret underground and while she did need the training I was rather bored during this lull in action.

Overall, I enjoyed Chantress. It was a light simple read set in an interesting time. While there were a couple things I didn’t like the story overall was a good one with an original premise, I can say without a doubt that I have never before read a story about a Chantress!