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The Collector - Victoria Scott The Collector is told from the perspective of Dante Walker who is a soul collector for Hell. He is tasked with collecting a girl named Charlie’s soul within 10 days. At first Dante is like “Shit, I got this” but as he gets to know Charlie and those around her his opinion changes and he is forced to lose some of his swagger (but only some) and decide what is important to him.

My favorite thing by far about The Collector was that Dante and I have the exact same vocabulary. No really…him and I use the same words, think the same thoughts, it was actually kind of surreal reading this book. I felt like this character really “got” me. But because I saw myself as the female Dante I didn’t swoon over him. I knew this boys tricks and fairly early on I labeled him my Home Boy and just kind of rooted for him from the sidelines. I think because of this I had a very different experience then most girls reading this novel.

The highlight of this book for me was the relationships and friendships. My favorite character aside from Dante was his best friend Max. I love this guy! He was funny, a playboy, and as we got to know him more we found out that he is deep as well. Max was definitely a scene stealer and I always had a cheesy smile on my face every time he showed up.

He covers his heart in mock offense. “Shit.This work of art is on the cover of GQ. Know what else? George Clooney wore this very suit to a party last weekend.”
“No, he didn’t.”
Max runs a hand over his clean-shaven jaw. “No. No, I guess he didn’t. Think anyone else would buy that? I might try it on the honeys tonight."

I also really enjoyed the friendship between Charlie and her two friends Blue and Annabelle. They were all outcasts that lived in their own world but they truly cared about one another. They also were there for her when she needed someone to lean on or vent to, and they were there for her throughout the entire novel! I liked that when Charlie inevitably started falling for Dante they didn’t just disappear from the story, they were truly there for her.

Overall, I enjoyed The Collector I didn’t fall hard for Dante but I did enjoy the story and I am now eager to find out what happens next and what the powers that be have in store for Dante in The Liberator!