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Scarlette - Davonna Juroe This year I have read more retellings then I ever have before and honestly I had no idea what I was missing out on. I love going in to a story with some idea of what is going to happen then being completely surprised and blown away by how the author makes the retelling their own. That is exactly what Juroe did with Scarlette!

Scarlette is a loose retelling for the Little Red Riding Hood story. Scarlette lives in a small forest town with her Mother, and Grandmother in France. Only things are not all well for Scarlette her Mother treats her terribly (I mean really badly) and her only friend is of the fair weather variety. I actually spent a lot of time feeling sorry for Scarlette her life just seems so utterly hopeless and I was thankful multiple times that I did not have to live in ye olden France!

It’s hard for me to discuss character development aside from Scarlette’s in this novel just because everyone was getting killed off! I really had no idea who the wolf was going to strike next and because of all the killings I never let myself get attached too any one character. I did admire Scarlette’s steadfastness toward her Grandmother, and how in the end she was willing to do anything to save those she cared about. While Scarlette was young and naive she really became a strong character.

There was a very loose love triangle in Scarlette between The Woodcutter, The Baron, and Scarlette. It was readily apparent who Scarlette preferred though so the possibility of a triangle never bothered me, and honestly the romance in the story came second to the mystery surrounding the wolf.

What I liked the best about this novel was Juroe’s story telling ability for most of the novel I will admit to having no idea who the wolf was and even toward the end when I had a clear idea of what was happening I still wasn’t sure how things were going to end. The type of books that keep you guessing are some of my favorites and Scarlette definitely kept me guessing.