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Reaper - L.S. Murphy Reaper and me got off on a rocky start. At times I was a little bit confused about what was going on and I had a hard time relating to Quincy but as the novel progressed I really can to enjoy the story and am so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of the blog tour.

Quincy Amarante is the quintessential mean popular girl she also happens to come from a long line of Reapers. At first I couldn’t stand Quincy she was rude, didn’t care about those around her, and only cared what the “it” crowd was doing. Luckily Quincy does a TON of growing throughout the novel. She practically becomes a completely different person as the novel unfolds. I loved the transition Quincy took from mean girl to willing to sacrifice everything for her friends.

I also really liked the relationship between Ben and Quincy. Ben was the sweet boy next door type and it was obvious how much he cared about Quincy even though she had really changed from the person he grew up with. I liked how constant he was throughout the story. With how much Quincy was changing it was great to have been there to keep the story steady.

Overall, Reaper started off a little bit slow but by the end I was totally rooting for the characters and really wanted them all to get a happy ending. I fully admit to having tears in my eyes as I finished this novel. The story became so much then what it started as and really surprised me in the best ways possible.
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