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Fracture - Megan Miranda This novel read more like a contemporary then a paranormal story which is something I really liked about it. I’ve been going through a bit of a contemporary phase so I was especially excited to start this one. I was disappointed though when the story never morphed into something I could enjoy and relate to.

Fracture follows Delaney Maxwell after she falls into a frozen lake and her childhood best friend/boy next door, Decker, pulls her out. Only she should never have survived being in the water that long and when Delaney wakes up she isn’t quite the same.

I think the reason I didn’t enjoy Fracture was because I had a hard time connecting with Delaney. After her experience with death has a hard time reconnecting with her old life and while that is understandable she became very dark and it was something I just couldn’t relate to. I kept wishing she would see what a gift it was surviving but instead she had serious survivor’s guilt and ignored those people who loved her most. She was just not a sympathetic character for me.

I also wasn’t crazy about the relationships Delaney kept finding herself in. It is obvious that Delaney and Decker have feelings for each other but because neither of them wants to leave the comfort of their friendship neither acts on it. Then Delaney meets Troy a boy with abilities similar to hers and it looks like there might be something there except Troy is all kinds of crazy and not the sexy interesting kind of crazy.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel and the writing was fabulous it was just a little too dark for me. At this point I’m still unsure if I will pick up the sequel but if I find it for a good deal I will probably read it.