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City of Lost Souls - Cassandra Clare This is the first book in this series that I could not bring myself to give 5 stars to. I usually love these characters and can not get enough of reading about them. Unfortunately, while this was a pretty good book I just didn’t love it the way I did the rest of the series.

City of Lost Souls begins with the hunt for Jace who after the defeat of Lillith mysteriously disappeared. After much searching Jace appears and it is discovered that he is now linked to Sebastian (or Jonathan whichever name he is going by these days) and Sebastian can not be killed without killing Jace. The story centers on finding a way to sever the ties between the boys and rescue Jace.

I think the main reason I did not enjoy this novel as much as the others was because for most of the book Jace is under some kind of Seabation mind control sort of thing. So While Jace is in the story he just is not the same. I missed his witty banter and fun self. The book really fell flat without him.

Without the real Jace to lighten up the story I had to find a new favorite character to read about. Maia and Jordan filled that void and I found myself liking them more in this novel then I had in any of the other books (in all honesty prior to this book I had kind of forgotten they existed). I also liked that Isabelle played a more pivotal role in this book and really got to do some soul searching about what she actually wants in life. It made her more of a real person to me.

Sebastian and his motives were more fleshed out in this book as well. I actually came to almost see things from his warped perspective. Don’t get me wrong he is still the bad guy, but I understand the reasons behind his bad guy ways and have a better understanding of his master plan.

I don’t want to give any spoilers but in this book Cassandra Clare really mucked up the lives of each of the characters. I am now excited for the next (I think Final?) book in the series to see how Clare fixes all of the problems created in this book and to see what happens with Sebastian.

Overall, this was a good book. It is the only Mortal Instruments book though that I had to push myself to keep reading. I found myself easily distracted and at times things felt repetitive. When the action in the second half revved up though I couldn’t put the novel down and it definitely left me excited for the next book in the series.