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Auracle - Gina Rosati I won Auracle prize pack as part of the blog tour for Auracle and I must say that it was the nicest thing I have ever won! Rosati’s presentation and attention to detail was amazing. There was of course an ARC of Auracle, bookmarks, magnet, pin, and my personal favorite an adorable bracelet which I am wearing as I type up this review. While I am excited to have won the prize pack regardless I would have loved Auracle.

Anna Rogan has a special ability she can astrally project out of her body and zip around the world. This is a special secret she has only ever shared with her childhood friend Rei, and Rei does not approve. His disapproval is shown to be for good reason though when Anna becomes trapped and her classmate Taylor takes over her body and her life.

I have never read a story about astral projection so I was absolutely enamored by the idea of walking outside of your own body. Rosati does a fabulous job of blending this supernatural idea with characters that are utterly real. Anna has a troubled home life and so has spent most of her time at Rei’s. The relationship between the two was so true to life. We all have that guy friend that we are close with but are afraid of taking the next step because it might ruin a perfect friendship. In this case it could ruin not only a perfect friendship but the only home Anna feels truly comfortable at. I also really liked Seth, Rei’s guy friend who has to deal with so much in the story and I even came to tolerate Taylor which is truly saying something because I really thought I could strangle her at certain points in the story.

Auracle deals with some pretty heavy issues but still remains a “light read” without getting preachy or talking down to the reader. I don’t feel like Rosati was ever judgmental, she merely stated what was going on and how it made Anna feel. This is something I really admired about this book.

Overall, Auracle was a great read with a really original supernatural idea. I can not wait to see what Rosati will choose to write next, whatever it is I know I will be reading it!