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Inbetween - Tara A. Fuller Did Not Finish.

I do not write reviews for books I don't finish, I don't think it is fair to write a full review because I did not read the full novel. So I will give you a few reasons why I stopped.

1. At over 100+ pages in I did not know what was going on and didn't feel like the book had a plot. Beyond the main girl being threatened by the ghost guys girl he screwed over, somehow? See...confusing and not very good. It also doesn't help that I just gave up reading this but don't remember any of the characters names.

2. I did not care about ANY of the characters, everyone felt very vanilla and interchangeable with each other.

3. Reading this made me give up the will to read. I actually avoided reading so that I wouldn't have to read this book. (This was pretty terribly considering I was participating in a read-a-thon)

I feel like I am in the minority on this one and I really expected something better when I began but it never materialized and life is too short to read books I don't really want to read.