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Glitch - Heather Anastasiu Glitch takes place in a futuristic world where a nuclear war has already occurred forcing humans underground where they are integrated into “The Community”. Basically everyone in the community has a USB port in their neck which connects them to one another and no one feels any type of emotion. That is until Zoel begins glitching and she can finally feel. She even cultivates a love for drawing during her glitched out moments.

I actually liked Zoel or Zoe as she begins calling herself as her glitched moments became her reality, rather then the link. Zoe was a sympathetic character who was trying to navigate a hugely complex world full of lies and deception. She was so realistic and human in her reactions to situations, even after being hooked to a network for almost her entire life. I especially like how much Zoe cared for her younger brother and those around her. During her glitched moments Zoe would just watch her brother and long for that close relationship that they were unable to have because of the link. Her emotions really resonated with me and reminded me how much I love my own sister, and that bond that forms just because you are siblings.

I also loved Zoe’s relationship with Adrien, a boy who is *gasp* from the surface. While it was kind of an insta-love, I was not complaining. The connection between Zoe and the boy who rescues her seems natural and it didn’t feel forced to me even though it did happen quickly. I was really rooting for these two to be together and after that major plot twist part way through (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you read) I was double rooting for them! Adrien really reminded me a lot of Alex from Delirium and after all my #TeamAlex craziness you should know that is a real compliment!

The only character I really didn’t like was Max. Actually the interactions between Max and Zoe are the reason I was unable to give this book 5 stars. Max was so abusive and creepy that he really scared me and took away from the story. I don’t want to give too many spoilers because I try and keep my reviews 100% spoiler free but Max’s actions toward Zoe really bothered me and when he comes up in the story just watch out!

Anasatsiu does a wonderful job of world building in this dystopian/sci-fi novel. There were not huge sections of info-dumping that I felt like skipping, instead everything was integrated into the story and I understood how a world like this could have come into existence. I also liked all of the secrets that were slowly unveiled, it was fun to discover things right along with Zoe.

Needless to say I am crazy excited for the next novel in this series, Override. I have high hopes that Anastasiu will build upon the amazing world she has created in book 1 and I can not wait to see what happens to and between Zoe and Adrian