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Crux - Julie Reece In a YA market saturated with paranormal beings it is a rare occurrence to see a story that is truly original. Crux is original and I was drawn in from the first page into Birdie’s world and into the magical world of Norse mythology.

Crux begins with a mysterious man gathering a group of people together and throwing money into the air. Birdie being a homeless teenager goes along with whatever is happening, hoping to get the money for her next meal. Little does Birdie know that the man throwing the money and her are inexplicably linked. Following the money toss Birdie is followed by three men trying to get her newly acquired money and this leads her to the hot, rich, Grey Mathews. But that is all I’m going to tell you about the plot because half the fun of this book was finding out things right along with Birdie and Grey.

Birdie was everything I look for in a heroine. She is strong, independent, and willing to do anything for those she loves. I really like reading and seeing things from Birdies perspective. I also liked the fact that she came from a background of foster homes and the she was actually homeless at the beginning of the book. I feel like in a lot of YA lit the protagonist comes from a “perfect family” but that is not the case for many teens and Crux really gives you a glimpse into the not so perfect side of life.

So when you think of Norse mythology I’m sure like me you think of this guy:


But then I remembered what actual Norse people look like and I couldn’t stop picturing Alexander Skarsgard. So for the entire book I imagined Grey Mathews like this:


Oh yes, just like that. But, Grey was more then just a pretty face he was a pretty face with an amazing back story and a huge heart! Really, the perfect male counterpart to Birdie. Grey was actually my favorite character in the story. I think he kept Birdie honest, and his dedication to her made me swoon for sure.

Overall, I really enjoyed Crux, it was refreshing to read such an original novel. Julie Reece did an amazing job with her debut novel and I will be eagerly awaiting her next release!