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The Burning - Jane Casey Guest Review by Deneen (Emily @ Falling for YA's Mother!)

The book was set in London and the vivid prose made me feel like I was really there. The book also alternated perspectives between the detective and the suspects. Each chapter was written through their point of view which made for a captivating read.

The detective was tough, smart, but also feminine. It was nice to see a girl trying to fit in a mans world but still retaining a piece of herself. As a woman reader I really related to her. There was one point in the story where the detective wanted to pick up the coffee room but didn't because once she started she wouldn't be able to stop. She would end up being the coffee room cleaner for her entire career. The woman working in a mans world or an old boys club was very real to me. I guess its the same for men and women working the world over.

The action was present throughout the entire novel and I was kept guessing on who the killer was up until the last chapter. The author did a really cool thing at the end she wrote a short press release on what happened to all the characters, this is really different from other Murder-mysteries I have read. It gave the book a really closed feeling and I felt like I knew what happened to all of the characters.

The forensics work was also really spot on and I have a huge respect for Scotland yard. Even in the days of Jack the Ripper they were trying to solve crimes by taking photos which was just unheard of during those days. It was great to see some of those inner workings in "The Burning".

The only downside of this novel was that there was a lot of British slang that left me feeling baffled at times, but for the most part I was able to piece together what they were trying to say and it made for an enjoyable read.