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Hello! I'm Emily. I am a YA Book Blogger at Falling For YA, Third Year Law Student at the University of South Dakota, and lover of all things bookish. 

Lacrimosa - Christine Fonseca Nessy is a Sentinel, an Angel tasked with the job of protecting Heaven and dispatching the Unholy. She has been the best at her job since her training began 500 years ago following her human death. She was the best until she meets Ayden the worst of the Unholy a Fallen Angel who feeds off human souls. The problem is Ayden is really the love of her human life and she can’t seem to get over her love for him to complete her job.

Lacrimosa is above all a love story between two people that spans time, propriety, custom, and defies the odds. I found myself constantly rooting for Ayden and Nessy even though their love seemed so unlikely to have a happy ending. One of the reasons I was really able to connect with each of the characters is because the perspective alternated between Nessy and Ayden. You could really understand the past love between these two characters and how much each of them still cared about each other in the present day.

While the love story did dominate the storyline there was still a very prominent part of the book that dealt with the battle between Heaven and Hell which is still raging. I really liked the character of Azzaziel, yes he was Satan, and evil incarnate but he was everything I expected him to be and I liked that. He wasn’t a wimp or upset about his choices, as I have seen portrayed in other YA novels. Azzaziel was strong, domineering, and extra evil. I loved every second of it! He was a bad guy I could get behind.

Overall I enjoyed Lacrimosa, and am so excited to be a part of this blog tour! I am now eagerly awaiting the sequel Libera Me which is coming out in November 2012!