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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver Lauren Oliver’s Delirium is set in a future where love has been diagnosed as a disease and everyone gets the cure for this disease at 18. Originally, I thought this idea was a bit far fetched and for a long time I put off reading this book. After much urging and amazing reviews from other bloggers I finally decided to read it. And I am so upset I waited this long!

The World building, the most important part of a dystopian book, was wonderfully done. I understood why the government closed off the borders to prevent the disease. I also understood all the reasons why Lena originally wanted the cure for love. There was no guessing as to how this future happened. Oliver does leave some pieces for the reader to put together themselves but it was not hard a small stretch of the imagination bridges these gaps.

My favorite part of Delirium was by far the characters! I felt like every character that was introduced I got to know on a personal level. And Oliver did not suffer from disappearing friend syndrome. Hana the main character, Lena’s, best friend was present throughout the entire book and played a pivotal role. So often in YA books the girl has a best friend, meets a guy and then no longer has a best friend. This always really bothers me because that isn’t how it works in real life, you don’t meet a guy and then bail on your friends. Fortunately Oliver masterfully weaves each of the characters into the storyline and no one, even Lena’s little cousin gets lost in the shuffle.

I also really enjoyed the relationship between Lena and Alex. It was a sweet relationship that grew with the story. I liked that Alex let Lena come to her own conclusions about the government and was there for her even when it was at his own peril. Oliver really showed and didn’t have to tell how much Alex and Lena care for each other.

I loved the attention to detail in Delirium as well. Each chapter starts with a poem, verse, or some other approved government material. It reminded me every chapter that this society just isn’t right.

Overall, I really enjoyed Delirium and after the cliffhanger it leaves you on I will definitely be picking up Pandemonium!