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Fever - Lauren DeStefano I had to take my time to write this review because I loved Fever so much. Lauren DeStefano’s writing is so poetic that at times my heart was just breaking and at others I felt like I was soaring. Her prose is so wonderful to read that I always read just a little bit slower to savor every sentence.

Fever begins exactly where Wither left off. Rhine and Gabriel have just escaped the Mansion only to wind up in an even worse situation with people just as scary as Housemaster Vaughn. I loved the broken Carnival run by Madame. The imagery of a rusted Ferris Wheel and broken merry-go-round are so spooky and vivid that I felt like I was there with Rhine and Gabriel trying to escape. (And that is all the spoilers I will give!)

I felt like there was good character development in Wither. But there was even better character development in Fever. I finally feel like I know who Gabriel is and I am starting to like him more then I did in this first book. Also even though Jenna has passed away I felt like she played an important role in this book because of how much her loss affected Rhine. There were also some characters in Wither that really surprised me in Fever but I won’t tell who! You will just have to read and find out.

The relationship between Rhine and Gabriel really developed in Fever as well. It went from being ho-hum to me to actually being a relationship that I was rooting for! Gabriel really is the perfect guy. He is sweet, deep, and willing to take care and do anything for Rhine. I wish there were more guys like that in the world!

Needless to say I absolutely adored Fever and am already counting down the days until the final Chemical Garden novel releases!

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