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Across the Universe - Beth Revis It has been a while since I read a novel set in space and I have to admit usually I am a little skeptical about the setting. Try as I might I’m just not a big sci-fi fan. Across the Universe was a definite exception to that rule! All of the hype and great reviews about this one are completely true.

I really thought the idea, while no completely original, was done in a new and original way. I loved that Amy was cryogenically frozen and then unfrozen years before the ship, Godspeed, is meant to land on the new planet Centari-Earth. Revis does an amazing job of describing Amy’s pain and loss of everything she has ever known when she is awoken early. I really felt like I was with Amy through her adjusting to the ship and all of her high and low points. I usually don’t get claustrophobic but I started to feel suffocated by the little space in my room when Amy was describing how small the ship is compared to the size of Earth.

I also really loved Elder. He is such a strong character with a dynamic personality that makes him easy to listen and relate to. I enjoyed learning about the ship right along with him.

There were some many twists and turns in Across the Universe that I was never bored and stayed up late at night trying to figure out all of the different mysteries! There was murder, manipulation, and a little bit of love! What more could a girl ask for?!

The only thing that I thought was lacking was a stronger love story between Amy and Elder. While it was clear there may be something between them it never really came to anything and I was kind of disappointed by this. But I have high hopes for the sequel A Million Suns!

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