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Halflings (Halflings, #1) - Heather Burch Thank you Netgalley.com and Zondervan publishers for allowing me to review an ARC copy of Halflings.

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3/5 Stars

Halflings by Heather Burch jumps right into the action of the story. Our heroine Nicki is being chased through the forest by Hell Hounds and after putting up a decent fight she is losing. Then in swoops our hunky hero’s Raven, Mace, and Vine who are halflings men who are half angel, half man. And the action does not let up until the book is finished!
The downside to this book is while there is a ton of action I didn’t really feel like anything happened. It is clear this book will be the first in the series and that its purpose was to get to know the characters. While there was a ton of things going on nothing furthered the big storyline about what was going on with Omega Corporation. That really bummed me out!
Halflings also has a love triangle that I wasn’t thrilled with. For most of the book I didn’t even really think it was a love triangle! I thought that Nicki had no interest in Raven, it wasn’t until the end of the book that she really admitted to having any feelings for him. To me it was obvious she wanted to be with Mace, but knew it would was not worth the cost. Overall I really didn’t like the “love” in this book, I wasn’t particularly interested in either of the guys and when I finally started liking someone it never went anywhere.
I was intrigued by all of the supporting characters in this book and that made up for the love triangle mess. Will, the Angel who takes care of the Halflings, was a nice father figure. I also really liked the relationship Nicki has with her parents, all too often in YA the heroines are from unhappy homes. It was nice to see a heroine who got along with her folks and had a semi trusting relationship with them. I also despite my better instinct liked the maybe “bad” guy Damon Vessler he was smooth, rich, and I could not figure out his motives which made me even more interested! I was really disappointed though when half way through the book Nicki’s “Best Friend” totally dropped off the radar and wasn’t brought up again, it felt like suddenly Nicki’s world revolved around the Halflings and she forgot school and bestie. I hope that Burch does a better job of incorporating her friend into the storyline in the sequel.
The storyline was very original and the writing was nice, albeit a little jumpy at times. In all honesty I did enjoy Halflings and will probably pick up the sequel but there were too many problems for me to give it any more then 3 stars. I look forward to seeing where Heather Burch goes with the sequel and what happens with Omega Corp and the Halflings!