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Hello! I'm Emily. I am a YA Book Blogger at Falling For YA, Third Year Law Student at the University of South Dakota, and lover of all things bookish. 

NaNo Warm Up

Kat Zhang and Savannah Foley had the brilliant idea in October to host a NaNoWriMo Warm up!

If you do not know what NaNoWriMo is it is National Novel Writing Monthand it happens every year in November, participants commit to writing 50,000 words in one month. I have wanted to participate in NaNo but November is just a terrible month for me. I have finals starting at the end of the month, flash cards to make, and just have no time to commit to writing a novel. That is why when I stumbled across NaNo Warm Up on Twitter I was so excited!

During NaNo Warm Up writers agree to write 25,000 words in October,which is only 800 words a day. I am excited to finally be able to write with a community and to expand on a novel I started writing months ago but that I keep pushing to the back burner in favor of school and other commitments.

I decided to share that I was participating in NaNo Warm Up for two reasons.First, I thought maybe you would like to participate, the more the merrier, and 800 words a day is totally realistic to fit in to any schedule! And second, I want to make myself accountable. I don't want to push this writing project to the back of my to do list again. My thought is that if I tell everyone I am participating I really will write every day.

So what am I writing? I am writing a very gritty, young adult (possibly new adult) novel with copious drug use, childhood friendship and death. I already have around 19,000 words written and can't wait to add more! I am also in the market for a critique partner(s), I've never had one before but I'm at that point where I would like to hear other peoples thoughts and really sharpen my writing.

If you are interested in signing up for NaNo Warm Up you can do so here and if you do make sure to tweet me @FallingForYA!

Source: http://www.fallingforya.blogspot.com/2013/09/nano-warm-up.html